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Locking Filament Release Lever
One of the things that I thought was cool about the expensive BondTech extruders was the ability to release the filament such that you don't need to continually press a button when loading or removing filament.

The ProStruder is easily modifiable and gave me a perfect opportunity to add this feature. This button/lever/whatever replaces a pair of acrylic and one M3 washer at the end of the filament release lever. It allows you to release the filament normally or, with a inward push, lock the lever in the down position for easy filament access.

Have a look at my thing at Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2751519


[Image: 906b6ecefb7eb2d8684d62e54ae9043c_preview_featured.jpg]

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