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KISSlicer + Post-Processor
Did another print. Bumped min layer height to 0.15 and reduced preload from 0.08 to 0.04. RC2 seems to be working ok now, thanks. One small problem: tried to set E-steps to 1000, but it kept resetting to 500? Did not affect th eprint, though as I set the 100mm feed settings to 100.

Looking at the result it's obvious that the red PLA is not doing well. It's ~2 years old and probably gotten too much moisture in... Going to try drying it. For future, currently printing few of these containers to keep my filament dry: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2119644
The silver PLA looks good, though.
There's ugly seam on the left side. Haven't tuned the seam settings...

[Image: 2017-12-14%2020.00.34.jpg?dl=1]
[Image: 2017-12-14%2020.00.47.jpg?dl=1]
[Image: 2017-12-14%2020.01.14.jpg?dl=1]
OK, a couple of things

1.  What is your real E-steps/mm value?
2.  You really should consider tuning the extruders; it can make a big difference to the prints.

The maximum E-Step value is 999.999 (or thereabouts), but I don't know of any 1.75mm printer using a higher value than that.

The prints look OK considering your filament age.  TBH, I just throw it away (or make sure I use it up) if it's more than 3 months open.  You can generate a lot of steam from the hot end which can corrode brass pulleys and generate very porous prints.

E-steps/mm for my ProStruders is 1000. I use DRV8825 driver in 32x microstepping mode so it's double what Distech instructs to use with 16x microstepping.

I agree with the tuning, been on my to do list quite a while. Too much other stuff going on so never got to it. Well checking the actual e-steps is a fast to check so I'll start with that. Also run the KISS wizards.

Hmm, never thought that the moisture could cause corrosion. Actually I opened one E3Dv6 clone some time ago, which was having problems printing PLA and noticed that the heatbreak had a darkened spot in it. Caused by moisture or just crap from molten plastic? Don't know. Anyways, I polished the heatbreak with steel wool and drill bit. And tested the oil seasoning trick that is used on frying pans to see if it has any effect. The hot end actually prints PLA very nicely now so I got something right.
Corroded brass filament drive pulley:



That was before MMU and Bondtech

I will have a look at the post-processor code to increase the E-Step value.

The downside to having to issue so many steps per millimetre is that the maximum speed of the extruder is limited by the MCU (especially so with an 8-bit MCU).

Unloading needs speeds of up to 100mm/s with some systems (PR MMU in particular) and there is no real advantage in having 1000 steps/mm.

I "only" have 140 E-steps/mm and have to increase speeds very slightly when printing 50 micron layers; the important thing is to be able to retain constant pressure in the nozzle.

Whoa, that's some corrosion. Is that actually a hole through the gear? I've never seen something like that, the original Prusa gear I have is still clear after 1 year of printing (switched to E3D Titan so).

Hmm, you're probably right about the e-steps, 1000 i quite alot. Actually with the first tries of PrusaPP I had the long retract speed set to higher value and it was noticeable that the motors were struggling to pull the filament out so had to lower it. I'll drop the driver to 16x microstepping to see if it how it performs.
(12-15-2017, 07:39 PM)spegelius Wrote: Whoa, that's some corrosion. Is that actually a hole through the gear?

Yeah, that's where the flat on the spindle was located, so no support behind it.

Problem was that the loose brass piece fell into the extruder; cost me a nozzle.

The corrosion happened over a 6 month period with the Prusa Mk1 and some old filaments.

I will change the program anyway; I think it's just a field entry limit.


RC2a on FTP.

Program changed to allow E-Steps up to 9999.999 (was 999.999)


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