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Filament guide mod for ProStruder
Uploaded to Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2552537

Basically replacement parts for the tube guides, should make the filament path more restricted. Maybe even print flexibles, though I suspect that the Y-part might cause problems...

I printed them with PLA for my two ProStruders and been doing ok for a couple of prints. I've rarely had problems with filament tangling so I'm not expecting any major improvements in normal use. Theoretically might give a very slight precision improvement... or not Smile. At least inserting new filament seems to be more consistent now.
Excellent work, I'll print a set soon to try out.
Jay's 3D Adventure
I'll download and give them a shot too if my double bearing mod isnt enough to keep the filament inline (I had the same goal, diff idea)!
Great, let me know if there's any problems. I'll upload the OpenSCAD source to github later so you can tweak the models if needed.
That bearing mod is interesting, I might try it later. I'd imagine with both of these mods the filament really moves as it's intended. Just don't know what's the next point of failure when there's a jam Wink. Either the gear grinds through the filament or the tube dislodges from the y-joint.
Id rather the old gear grinding the filament. Easy to fix, nothing really breaks. As stock I was experiencing filament spooling out of the orifice on the front of the Prostruder then putting extreme pressure on the acrylic till it cracks.. not so good!
Here's the openscad file:
Thanks for this great mod.  I just bought my system and was concerned with the filament confinement as I'm pretty happy with my ability to print flexible filaments with my SeeMeCNC EZRStruder.

I am still building up my P system, but here are my extruders with the guide mod (and dual bearings) as well as a locking button of my own design that allows you to lock the extruder open for loading and unloading.

My make at Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:428821

Glad you like it Smile. That locking button sounds like a good addition.

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