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Anyone using 0.92 Repetier? Really weird EXT1 behaviour
I figured maybe I should update from my old but working .91 firmware on the Rostock Max V2 to the later SeeMeCNC version of 0.92.4. 

It now has tweaks in it for their own Y-coupler junction like the Pro System. However after uploading, testing extrusion in Mattercontrol:

- EXT0 extrudes fine, +10mm extruders 10mm on EXT0
- EXT1 however.. trying to extruder 10mm from EXT1 makes EXT0 do some purge type behaviour, then rapidly shoots a huge amount of filament out of EXT1, which then retracts, then extrudes a bit then EXT0 comes online again and starts pushing and pulling filament too!!?  

What is this behavior about? Does it mess with the Purge script in S3D and other stuff?
I use Simplify3D pretty much exclusively so haven't a clue.

But if the firmware is for their printer with their hardware it must be correct?

I always config my own firmware if I have made hardware changes, as I then no whats what.

Jay's 3D Adventure

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