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Double bearing mod to hinge in Prometheus system
After breaking two of my extruder hinges, Ive come up with a (IMO) much improved implementation, instead of one bearing to push the filament into the gear, two 10mm bearings with a washer (M3, small size) between them. This achieves the following over the single bearing design:

- the slight gap between the bearings creates a grove which guides and pinches the filament
- no more slipping off the bearing during prints due to angles of the filament (in input and output of extruder) and flex of filament itself
- ability to reduce the spring tension, even 18mm seems loads now, which should eliminate the hinge cracking due to stress
- generally smoother operation due to less issues, ive had no filament "flare out" with this as the filament seems much more directionally guided. Grove between the bearings lines up perfectly with the ProStruder input/output tubes.

Assembly is largely the same as stock, simply take out the two plastic washer/spacers:

M3 washer
10mm bearing
M3 washer
10mm bearing
M3 washer

Be sure to use the smaller M3 washers (as supplied with the Prometheus system, but you will need more along with the extra bearing).

Images are of it installed on the stock acrylic piece (glued together as it broke) as well as my PETG printed replacement hinge (as the other two broke):

[Image: dSX7zbV.jpg]

 [Image: Z49PkST.jpg]

[Image: fNCaxk0.jpg]

[Image: uSzBGEW.jpg]

[Image: FTtEKfI.jpg]
Thanks so much for this mod! I implemented it on my brand new ProStruders along with the filament guide (http://distechforum.com/showthread.php?tid=143). I think that in combination, these mods make for a much more robust and capable extruder. I've had no issues so far in printing PLA, PETG, or TPU through my ProStruder.


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