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Anyone install P System on a Rostock Max V2?
(09-14-2017, 12:40 PM)spegelius Wrote: SENT: M190 S[bed0_temperature]
READ: Fanspeed:0
READ: Error:Format error

That M190 line should be "M190 S60" (or whatever the bed temperature is supposed to be).
[bed0_temperature] is S3D internal variable and for some reason it's not converted to actual numeric value.
I'd check the temperature section for the bed and also check what the S3D variable name should be. I don't think S3D has those handily available anywhere...?

I haven't used that FFF profile myself, I have cartesian printer with RAMPS/Marlin and I usually configure my profiles from scratch. I kinda expect the provided FFF profile to be a baseline that one can use as reference, not something to use without tuning it first.

Right, well now it makes more sense. If the guide had mentioned this FFF is just a template and infact, unlikely to work out of the box I wouldnt have assumed I was making mistakes understanding directions. 

Ive since modified the FFF:

- removed the overwrite of the Firmware to RepRap default (assumes user has the Filaswitch FRM loaded)
- removed the incorrect machine dimensions override (assumes user has correct machine dimensions already in S3D. I hate this "feature" they allow on FFF files)
- critically, corrected the Bed0 problem which screws up the script completely.. the Head bed on a Rostock is Bed1

And it worked.. kinda, but mostly! 

Remaining problems:

- S3D needs each extruder to have separate temp controllers in the profile editing screen, which means you cannot set the temp for extruder 2 at all. At least mine only ever listens to Temp/Extruder 1. Bit of a problem if printing materials at diff temps.  It changes the Target temp on the LCD no problem but nothing happens.

- Unrelated to these software quirks, I made the flying mount as suggested but when nearing the end of the 2 colour print.. as typing this, the Rostock Y arm slipped horribly, it cant quite hold the weight of 2x Extruders, the platform arms, hotend and platform.   So it slipped then started printing diagonally in the air.    
Not sure how to tackle that one..

EDIT: Also looking at the print, its shift forward on the second colour in some odd way..
EDIT2: Appears S3D simply isnt doing the center and align bit very well or the model has some error, center needs to be manually moved, which doesnt seem possible once grouped in S3D !?

[Image: 8rEtuUA.jpg]
Spegelius, can you let me know how/where to correctly tweak your script .py's to allow a 0.6mm nozzle? It errors out on my other setup with
ERROR: Feed rate too high! Aborting

See: http://distechforum.com/showthread.php?tid=137

Ive just hacked the max value in extruder.py from 0.2 to 0.8 to get it past the check. Like to know more about this value as I cant figure it out (0.2??).


Just to say on that print the colour didn't shift because of a hardware issue it's because the 2 files aren't centered to each other as download from DisTech. So when you tell S3D to center and group it does that.

Jay's 3D Adventure
If the model's origins aren't aligned in relation to each other, you have to do it manually. In Dual color wizard there's a checkbox for automatic alignment if I recall correctly.

You can remove the model grouping if you need to move individual models around. Don't know if you need to change something in the print processes after that...

Also the temperature controllers for each extruders seem to be required, at least with Marlin, even when it's compiled with SINGLENOZZLE flag.
Ok but what about the bit of code you have in there stopping larger than 0.4mm nozzles working without editing it! Seem my post above. Wink
Ah missed that, hadn't refreshed the page since yesterday Smile.

Well if you got it working by changing that value to higher, you've fixed it Smile. That value is just a value that I thought would be good threshold until I can actually write code to calculate it based on nozzle sizes etc. There's a bug/feature request open in github about nozzle sizes, but I haven't worked on it yet and won't be until I get some extra free time from other

The value is basically the max length extruder is allowed to feed when head moves 1mm. Of course with larger nozzle it should be higher. If you are using raft, I think it'll trigger quite easily. It's to prevent situations where a bug or something else tries to feed huge amounts of material so just a sanity check.
Cool cool, Ill follow you on github and feedback/get latest stuff there too, thanks!

PS: I was using a raft! Wink

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