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Hi There,
I have held off sending this email until I had tried everything but one month later, I'm still struggling with some minor issues. Overall I am impressed with the system but I would appreciate your help with some fine tuning Smile
I used this system to replace the original on a Creality CR10. 
I firstly upgraded the controller to a MKS v1.5 and dialled in the correct amperage stepper settings for all steppers. Then I modified the Marlin configs and flashed. 
My main issue is that I have stringing and pimples where I never had stringing before. Same filament (stored with dessicant) same machine. I have shared a google folder below with images and my settings files. Cheers for any help
Kind Regards

Hi Dana,

Are you using all of the Nylon collet locks as specified in the assembly instructions? These are very important as they eliminate movement with the bowden tubes and ensure effective retractions.

Have you tuned your retraction settings? Start at 2mm and slowly increase retraction by 0.5mm until you eliminate stringing. Also, try to shorten the bowden tubes as much as possible as that really helps reduce stringing and increase print quality.
I've tried all over the above with no luck. Collets were installed from the beginning. The only thing I'm wary about is that there is lateral play in the hotend where it screws into the heatsink. So much so that the tip wobbles about 1mm in relation to the xy axis. PS nuts are tight against the heater block and this whole unit moves together when touched. Could this be causing it?
Did you follow all of the instructions for assembling the hot end? You are supposed to tighten the two M3x3 set screws in the heat sink to secure the nozzle in the heat sink and prevent it from moving. Please send a picture of the hot end so we can determine if it was not assembled properly.

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