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Post processor script development (S3D/Prusa Slic3r support)
Version 0.13 released. Just some bug fixes and added 2 new HW profiles, PEEK-PRO-24 and PTFE-PRO-24, which are almost the same as previous profiles, they just do 15mm longer retract when changing the filament.

Next, add support for filament temperatures and maybe KISSlicer...
Yay for temps in next release!
Got something done that seems to be working yesterday, but didn't push it to github, was kinda late. Currently it adds M109 command after tool change command, before starting to feed the new filament. I'll need to optimize this because it might take too much time to wait when the temp difference is big. Maybe do something like this:
- first M104 so no waiting
- feed new filament almost to the nozzle
- do M109. Might not even need this, the temp should be quite close to what it needs to be at this point so M109 might be unnecessary. And it'll stabilize during the purge print.
It will get tricky if for me (well anyone with dissolvable filament) I think, I'm trying to print PLA (Matteforge) at 205c and HIPs (about 240c). I suspect it will need a full 10seconds to get up in temp from 205 to at least 230c (swapping from PLA to HIPS). Going the other way doesnt really matter as the PLA will be ok dropping from 240 (or slightly more) to 205.

So wouldnt getting temp correct (with M109) first be better than trying to feed to nearly at nozzle as its heating?
Hmm, that'll need testing. The idea with my above proposition is that the heating/cooldown starts before doing the full retract and feeding the new filament, making good use of that time. It takes some 5+ seconds to do that and during that time there's no filament in the nozzle (well the leftovers from the previous filament...). Also feeding the new filament doesn't go fully to the nozzle at first, so it doesn't matter much if the nozzle isn't fully heated yet.
So use M104 to start the heating during filament change and finalize the heating after filament change is almost complete.
Pushed temperature change code to master. I haven't tested it, I cannot use my printer at the moment. But if you'd like to test it, dl here: https://github.com/spegelius/filaswitch/...master.zip

Currently works like this during filament change:
- after pulling first 20mm of filament out, use M104 to change the new temp
- pull rest of the filament out
- push new filament in, except last 10mm
- if temperature diff is > 15 degrees, add M109. Otherwise just continue
Cool.. but this only will work with dual colour wizard right?
In S3D without the wizard (ie during normal + support filament prints) there is only one process and the Temp tab can only contain unique temp identifiers, which do not exist on Prometeus system (as both share T0)? T1 is the bed.
Dual Color wizard doesn't work if you want to print model and supports on different materials. I configured my support test prints with one process that had everything else set to Ext 1 and dense support to Ext2. Then slice, filaswitch and print.
Yeah thats what Im saying/confirming! This update to allow two temps will not work on anything but Dual Colour Wizard correct? As there is no way of specifying different temps in S3D per extruder on the Prometheus (as least in my case, Rostock Max) as both extruders share the same Temp Controller (T0)!

This only clicked when I tried to test the latest build. For me anyhow, the real value in diff temps is getting HIPS working with PLA. When dual colour printing I can use the same materials at same temps (at the moment anyhow).
What firmware are you using? Marlin changes temps even when they are targeted to T1, T2, etc. when SINGLENOZZLE is defined. At least it did last time I checked. I'll have to do testing once I get my printer running again.

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