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hypercube quad filament system
I am planning to build a hypercube printer 500mmX500mmX700mm. was planning a quad print head. would 2 of the  PROMETHEAS  system's  solve the need for 4 hot ends. have the .STL file for a dual hot end for hypercube printer. any suggestions on a controller board. also i have a ROBO 3d r1 plus any suggestions on how to install this system on it.

You could use the Prometheus System to achieve dual extrusion from a single nozzle. We have not tested more than two extruders with the Prometheus System so you would have to experiment with that yourself if you want to get it working with 4 filaments. We would recommend using dual extrusion as that will satisfy most of your multi-color and multi-material printing needs.

As for the Robo printer, you can follow the steps in our user guide to get it setup. If you are using Marlin then be sure to use the RC BugFix version as that is the most reliable version that eliminates all software bugs.

For the controller board, you can use any board that will support dual extruders (RAMPS, RUMBA, etc...)

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