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Assembly Instructions for ProStruder Assembly (2x)
I'm making some notes during the assembly process on any confusing steps in the instructions so they could made clearer in the future for others.

1) Before starting assembly group your like parts together to make them easier to identify. This is most important for the acrylic washers.

2) The photographs of assembling the transparent acrylic on a white background makes it had to see what is going on since everything is transparent. Maybe a different color background would help.

3) Between these two steps below the bolt is switched around to the other side of the acrylic part. I believe the first picture is wrong, and the second one is in the correct orientation.

-> Place an M3 Washer onto the M3x35mm Socket Head Bolt and insert the bolt into the hole in the Acrylic Front (4.5mm):
-> Insert an M3 Fender Washer onto the M3x35mm Socket Head Bolt as shown:

4) I don't have an Early Bird unit; so where is says to put three washers on; it does not appear to leave any thread room left on the bolts for the hex nut.

->Place an M3 Fender Washer on each of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts as shown:
->Place an M3 Washer on each of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts as shown:
->Place an M3 Fender Washer on each of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts as shown:
->Thread an M3 Hex Nut onto the end of one of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts:
->Thread an M3 Hex Nut onto the end of the other M3x50mm Socket Head Bolt:

The bolt is not long enough for all those washers. It could take one washer; but not three. I am stuck at this point; please advise me of how to proceed.


I will add to this post if I encounter any other issues. Thanks Smile

Thanks for the feedback!

To ensure that your M3x50mm bolts have enough space for the washers at the end, go back to this step in the assembly:
  • Place an M3 Fender Washer on each of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts and insert them into the two holes in the Acrylic Top (4.5mm). Then insert (1) M3 Washer onto each bolt
I changed this so that you will have extra length for the washers at the end of the assembly. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.
That fixed the problem. Thanks
Hello all, please forgive my poor english.
I'am still in the process of assembling all the parts, and I have questions...
1 - Why do we need to  have the ProStruders assembled as mirror images ?
2 - Why do I have an extra rectangular acrylic piece ? (with a U-shaped hole, 2 hexagonal and 2 round holes)

I have posted a few things on thingiverse, any comment appreciated !

1) Assembling the ProStruders as mirror images is just a suggestion and is totally optional!

2) That piece is just an extra spacer that was used with the old assembly instructions. Feel free to ignore it.
OK thanks !
Just a suggestion to save your from getting jam-ups on the first print:

Do a dry run first with no filament at all, turn the hot-end and bed heaters off (set to zero). Then start the print and watch the extruders and make sure they are doing the PURGE-RETRACT and the FEEDs at the correct time while watching the Cura Visualization. This way you can avoid jams on the first print, it you happened to make a dumb mistake on the Cura scripts like I did.

Also you can verify if the stepper motors are not skipping any steps (no clicking).
"Insert (4) Acrylic 7.5mm Washer (4.5mm) onto each of the M3x50mm Socket Head Bolts as shown to complete the top assembly"

Should be "Insert (5)..."

Note about mirrored assemblies should probably be at the beginning of the instructions, for example I assembled the two simultaneously not knowing about this option, now I'm not sure if I have enough willpower to do it all over againWink

For that step, you need to insert (4) [not (5)] of those 7.5mm Acrylic Washers onto each bolt. We only supply (8) 7.5mm Acrylic washers in total (4 for each bolt). 

Thanks for the tip, we will move that note about the mirrored assemblies to the top of the instructions Smile
Thanks for the tips, JJlink. Really helps reading about what you had troubles with before doing it myself.

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