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Always wanting more Extruders :-)
(09-20-2017, 12:44 AM)DisTech Automation Wrote: Hey James,

The biggest obstacle that is holding us back is the fact that we would have to ensure compatibility with all standard controller boards. Additionally, slicers don't offer much support for 4 filament extrusion so the workflow is very tedious and not very user-friendly. It is just hard to make this 4 filament upgrade into a refined product. However, we are working on it!

Yeah I can see from a new product point of view you need to make it compatible with everything currently supported, after more looking I see another board available for RAMPS which is just a pair of headers, some resistors and capacitors. Marlin would then just need the pins defining I think.

But yeah slicers also need to start supporting multi extruder prints and hardware. I love the solution spegelius came up with.

If you do/have made anything yet I'd love to help test it?

Jay's 3D Adventure

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RE: Always wanting more Extruders :-) - by 3DPrintingReviews - 09-20-2017, 10:24 AM

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