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STL files? - 3dmntbighker - 09-06-2017

Since many of the small parts of the Prostruder are likely prone to breakage. Like the acrylic mounting nut trap I just managed to break when the PTFE got sucked into the extruder. Are there STL files anywhere to print replacement parts? Or how do I get replacements? Should I have a small parts kit of spares?

RE: STL files? - DisTech Automation - 09-06-2017

Here is the part you need (see attached). You can 3D print it as that would be most convenient for you

RE: STL files? - 3dmntbighker - 09-07-2017

Thanks, I printed that on my friend's Ultimaker along with Thingiverse clamp arrangement for the PTFE tubes, and a dual Prostruder mount. The whole thing feels better sorted and more robust to me now. I had a fair amount of unused hardware left over with the new arrangement too.

RE: STL files? - 3DPrintingReviews - 09-23-2017

Are the STL files available for the whole of the ProStruder? I remember on the Kickstarter that this would be opensource and that the file would be available on the website once shipping started.

I require some parts as they have broken and the STL's would be very useful.



RE: STL files? - DisTech Automation - 09-23-2017

We had to make some tweaks to the tolerances so that the STLs could be 3D printed. Here is the link to Thingiverse:

RE: STL files? - 3DPrintingReviews - 09-23-2017

Thats great, printing the parts I need now :-)