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Hello world! - digi2life - 02-24-2017

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan and I'm awaiting the dual extrusion system to retrofit into my e3d Bigbox.

RE: Hello world! - 3DPrintingReviews - 03-01-2017

Hi all,

James here, I was a very early backer of the Prometheus System and have just published my review on my YouTube channel, check it out here (time jumps in the description)


RE: Hello world! - 3DPrintingReviews - 03-04-2017

Do you read the updates? There were many and that's more than most kickstarters.

There were delays with some parts which pushed the delivery date back, I was a very earlier backer so my system was sent once all the parts and packaging was in.

I believe ALL remaining systems are being sent out in the week of 6th March so very soon.


RE: Hello world! - geof - 03-30-2017

hey all! Just got my promethius system and installing on a Robo3d R1+. very excited to get it printing!

RE: Hello world! - jjlink - 04-05-2017

Greetings; I also just got my Prometheus system and I am planning to install it on a Felix 3.0 printer. However I need to find or adapt a mount for the Prometheus v2 hot end.