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So lets see everyone's Prometheus System prints, here a few of my most recent ones.

I had the system for a while but other projects/printers took up all my time but I needed some dual colour action Smile .

[Image: IMG_0285.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0287.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0289.jpg]

Let's see what you've got.

Here's couple (Dropbox direct linking seems to work now?):
- dual color vase I printed while developing filaswitch. Red and clear PETG. Bit of too much stringing with early version of the purge tower
[Image: 2017-04-28%2018.10.13.jpg?dl=1]

- dual color frog, black and gold ABS
[Image: 2017-06-25%2011.41.48.jpg?dl=1]

- dual color fidget spinner, PLA
[Image: 2017-07-20%2019.50.28.jpg?dl=1]

- and of course a boatload of benchies printed while testing filaswitch. Here's couple of the better ones:
[Image: 2017-07-17%2019.07.50.jpg?dl=1]
[Image: 2017-07-20%2015.53.12.jpg?dl=1]
I love the frog, might have to print that at some point.

Quick question, does your filaswitch code, worry about the number of extruders? I'd like to look at adding 2 more to my current Prometheus setup or does it just look for tool changes from the slicer and add the purge tower to suit.


Current version (master branch, not released yet) has support for multiple tool changes per layer to support situations where layer has for example infill or supports printed on different extruder. So yes, it should support more than 2 extruders. Actually I created a test profile to S3D with 4 extruders and sliced a model with it, filaswitch seemed to handle it ok. If you get actual system up, let us know how it goes Smile
See attached, finally got this stupid Pikachu model printed, using Matteforge at 215c and 0.2 layer height.

Very pronounced stepping on the lower part though, for whatever reason. Almost no stringing tho, which was real nice. The two colours stuck nicely too.
Couple of 4 color prints

Gear bearing, with the massive purge tower. The gear works, but it did have a bit of cleaning to do to get it turning smoothly. Sliced with S3D and filaswitched.
[Image: 2017-08-27%2011.15.04.jpg?dl=1]

Demon girl, which sadly suffered layer shift due to PLA curling on steep overhangs (need better part cooling). Also this was sliced on Prusa Slic3r and uses Prusa Slic3r's purge tower, I just modified the source code and changed the filament switch g-code to Prometheus compatible g-code.
[Image: 2017-10-20%2017.40.18.jpg?dl=0][Image: 2017-10-20%2017.40.18.jpg?dl=1]
[Image: 2017-10-20%2017.40.28.jpg?dl=1]

What system was these were printed on, I hear you asking? It's 4x Prostruders with 4-way filament joiner part thingy and relay-board for controlling the extra extruders. I'll create a thread with more details at some point when I get some extra time.
Great to see that it's possible and a thread for it would be great. I'm currently working on something :-) and it would be very helpful.

Keep up the great work mate.

Long time no multi-color printing, printer was offline and other stuff took most of my time. But got this done: DeadPool logo with three colours. Sliced with S3D, material PLA. Model:

[Image: 2017-11-28%2023.03.43.jpg?dl=1]

Also experimenting with some color mixing, but don't have a pic of it. I'll post it later.
I had a need for certain blue colour, but don't have that color. I do have blue and white, however, so I tried to blend the colors together:
[Image: 2017-11-30%2019.30.38.jpg?dl=1]
[Image: 2017-11-30%2019.30.52.jpg?dl=1]
On the left, the test model. On the right, Marvin printed using the same filaments as the test model.

Works quite well actually. The trick is to print the model by alternating the blue and white filament layers. I did this in OpenSCAD by slicing the 3D text to 0.2mm slices, creating two models that make the whole text when combined. Creating a script to do this in post processing shouldn't be hard.

Of course this won't work with every color. The blue PLA I use seems to be transparent? enough to let the white kinda seep through...
I think with 0.1mm the effect would be even better. Need to get Filaswitch to support 0.1mm layers first, though Smile