Full Version: STL files?
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Since many of the small parts of the Prostruder are likely prone to breakage. Like the acrylic mounting nut trap I just managed to break when the PTFE got sucked into the extruder. Are there STL files anywhere to print replacement parts? Or how do I get replacements? Should I have a small parts kit of spares?
Here is the part you need (see attached). You can 3D print it as that would be most convenient for you
Thanks, I printed that on my friend's Ultimaker along with Thingiverse clamp arrangement for the PTFE tubes, and a dual Prostruder mount. The whole thing feels better sorted and more robust to me now. I had a fair amount of unused hardware left over with the new arrangement too.
Are the STL files available for the whole of the ProStruder? I remember on the Kickstarter that this would be opensource and that the file would be available on the website once shipping started.

I require some parts as they have broken and the STL's would be very useful.


We had to make some tweaks to the tolerances so that the STLs could be 3D printed. Here is the link to Thingiverse:
Thats great, printing the parts I need now :-)