Full Version: Hello world!
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Hey everyone, my name is Ryan and I'm awaiting the dual extrusion system to retrofit into my e3d Bigbox.
Hi all,

James here, I was a very early backer of the Prometheus System and have just published my review on my YouTube channel, check it out here (time jumps in the description)

Do you read the updates? There were many and that's more than most kickstarters.

There were delays with some parts which pushed the delivery date back, I was a very earlier backer so my system was sent once all the parts and packaging was in.

I believe ALL remaining systems are being sent out in the week of 6th March so very soon.

hey all! Just got my promethius system and installing on a Robo3d R1+. very excited to get it printing!
Greetings; I also just got my Prometheus system and I am planning to install it on a Felix 3.0 printer. However I need to find or adapt a mount for the Prometheus v2 hot end.